Bike Trails

Bike parks, Bike and Flow trails, Pump tracks

Advice and professional support

We offer constructive support in the planning and construction of bike parks and (flow) trails. We are experienced in site management, new construction, and maintenance work.

Maintenance of existing trails & infrastructure

To keep a trail in the best condition it must be maintained regularly. If it is well thought out and built sustainably, it has a very good foundation. Nevertheless, depending on the frequency, individual passages have to be brought back into shape or adapted in order to always offer users maximum pleasure.

Bike and flow trails / uphill flow trails

When implementing bike and flow trails, we place great value on well-thought-out lines that maximize riding fun while minimizing maintenance. In the case of flow trails that are easy to ride, it is also important to take into account both the beginner who wants to approach the sport and the experienced biker by integrating exciting elements into the trail.

The ongoing e-bike boom will further increase the demand for uphill flow trails. With these, tourist destinations can adjust to the rapidly growing number of this clientele.

Children’s courses, skill parks & pump tracks

Both as an additional offer for bike destinations and in urban areas, there are countless opportunities to incorporate children’s courses, skill parks, and pump tracks in leisure concepts.

Flow trail
Machine built section of flow trail in Adams Camp, Stowe VT